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If you purchased any computer software product or computer hardware product for shipment to an address located in the United States (excluding APO/FPO) you have both the manufacturers warranty and a limited warranty from U.S. Computer Corporation.

On products shipped to U.S. addresses, U.S. Computer Corporation gives you a money back guarantee and permits you to return hardware products and defective software products to U.S. Computer Corporation. For more info on returns, click here. Many software manufacturers offer a money back satisfaction guarantee. Click here for a list of those manufacturers.



Please use the links on this page to contact the manufacturer, get drivers, installation help, review technical updates, etc. To see if the information on this page is for you, please read the information to the left before proceeding.

Support From U.S. Computer Corporation

You can purchase support and personal assistance relating to your computer system or computer product directly from the manufacturer or from U.S. Computer Corporation at U.S. Computer Corporation's current support at store hourly rates, telephone per minute rates and phone support rates. If you purchased the product from U.S. Computer Corporation in the past 30 days, as qualified in the column to the left, your support may be free.

In store hourly service and support rates range from a low of $39.95 for non network systems with the support being offered at our site and at contracted or agreed upon rates for on site service.


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